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Conrai Media Solutions takes a refreshing and strategic approach when it comes to driving traffic to your brand.

We utilize innovative methods to improve online visibility and ranking, bringing you to the front seat of the digital space.

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Certified Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Conrai is rated in the top 10% of digital marketing agencies in Canada. We blend performance with exceptional customer. Our PPC professionals, specializing in search engine and social media ads, are equipped with a track record of growing successful businesses.

Established businesses continue to recognize our commitment to delivering effective search engine optimization (SEO) services in broad markets. Our digital marketing strategies live and breathe SEO, putting quality above everything. We provide access to a team of talented and  passionate professionals who will work tirelessly to grow your return on investment.

Ranking Websites for 10+ Years

Conrai Media is an industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience. You can count on our vast SEO knowledge and expertise that can push your website visibility to new heights. We’d be excited for an opportunity to show you what an investment in SEO could impact your business.

Non-stop Research & Development

Search engines such as Google  are constantly evolving to fit the complexity of human search behaviour. Conrai Media keeps pace and navigate our client’s websites through updates to ensure they are one step ahead of competition. Our research and development team make innovation a priority so we never miss a beat on customer satisfaction.

Why choose Conrai Media

Customized Strategy

We provide a complete analysis of your online presence and propose a custom strategy to achieve maximum results and keeping costs to a minimum.

Experience and Innovation

We continuously keep up and adapt to match search engine algorithm changes. Our specialty in positive branding creates no room for stagnation when it comes to your reputation.

Trusted Service

Our mission is to help you succeed. Your information is safe with our team. We only work under a non-disclosure agreement to ensure all work is confidential.

Professional Digital Marketing services in Canada

We’ve built our foundation upon exploring different strategies proven to achieve massive results. Our dedicated team, with a goal to deliver traffic and revenue for your business, provide freedom and opportunity for growth on all directions. We are committed to transparency as we provide details of our digital marketing strategies and prevent ambiguity. Our clients know what we’re doing, what they’re spending, and most importantly, why. Conrai Media is a team of highly creative and analytical individuals that never stops learning and growing. Our support for one another creates a positive culture that extends to our clients. We put the proven process to work, craft and execute tested digital marketing strategies that is tailored for your specific needs to provide real results. Work with us as we elevate your business to the next level.

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There will always be a competitor in your city. It's a given that you will face tough competition from your competitors especially if they are also working on their SEO. The best way to outgrow them long term is to rank higher on search engines before availing any service. Our professional SEO service will help you compete for search results to drive traffic and potential customers.

Our SEO team has a combined experience of over 30 years. We have tried and tested methods to improve organic visibility & leads for our clients from all industries and sectors. We focus on award winning results and long term growth in mind.

SEO is a long term strategy. It may take months or years for efforts to show results. Most of it depends on the level of competition your industry has. However we always look for ways to find low competition niches or terms in your industry to rank you higher on search engines. All success starts with one step and we build the right foundation for your long term SEO success. Technical and on-page content issues is a quicker fix than a low site authority score for example. We focus on link building and optimized keyword as a long term solution. It's good to keep in mind that SEO is always constant and needs to be worked on frequently to keep ahead of competition.

At Conrai, we do not ask you to sign a contract for a certain amount of months. You are free to stop using our services anytime. However, knowing that SEO is a medium-long term game, we recommend you wait 3-6 months to see positive results.

We have a data progress dashboard for each of our clients that summarizes the performance of our SEO, PPC, Social Media and any channels that is included in the service. Once a month we send you a detailed result of our work and which areas we have improved to ensure transparency on our activities we carry out on a month to month basis.

When you start working with us, we set up a workshop with you to help understand your objectives and targets. We also dive into researching your industry to have a sense of your customers and market, competitors, and keyword research. Once we figure out the best strategy to take for your business, we get started with a 90 days plan to initiate organic growth, regular reporting on our progress, keeping in touch with calls, monthly and quarterly progress reviews. You will also have an account manager who will be a primary point of contact to discuss the progress of our work.

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