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Connecting you with the world. We build professional websites that is user friendly on any device without sacrificing speed and quality.

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Professional Website Design

A website is an important image of your business. Each project have different requirements and we strive to deliver quality website solutions. Your success is our success so we take our work very seriously. Our team, along with years of professional experience can help build attractive websites and are excited to assist you in achieving your goals online.

We focus on building beautiful website designs and equipping them with advanced functionalities to help position you on top of search engines. This includes fast loading speeds, colour palette designs that compliments your logo and brand, intuitive layout, mobile friendly and cutting-edge features. Our search engine optimization (SEO), social media, logo and website design services makes us a one stop stop to get your project done on a time without having to find other sources and second guessing the delivery of their work. At Conrai Media Solutions, we serve you with a complete team of technology and service professionals that are committed to delivering high quality work.

Creative Website Design Process

We explore and test the system workflow on all angles, prioritizing user experience. We build websites that are not only appealing but also easy to use and result oriented.


We always look for new strategies that can help your business grow faster. Discovering effective ways to increase your online presence on Google will help you get success. It’s important that your website is properly optimized in order to achieve high ranking in search results and be indexed in top search engines. As the trends change, so does the strategy. Our team of professionals work hard to get success for our clients.

website design discovery


We plan and document our discussions to avoid miscommunication or a chance of assumption. We note down how we are going to continue further, define the project with detailed specifications, arrange the design and branding project, get confirmation and approval from the client’s end regarding documents and materials.

website design planning


The plan and your idea comes to life. We understand each brand have different guidelines, while others ask for guidance in defining or reimagining their brand. Full-colour mockups of each template presented to you and your team as we go. We design desktop, mobile and tablet interfaces while optimizing every element for each device. Our development team review and revise the designs until it matches with your goals.

website design planning


At this step, we configure what’s required on the backend, API development integrations, web services, and front end. We set an expectation of 2-3 weeks with our client to review the first milestone. We are excited to find ways in developing something new and effective for our clients. Our expertise in designs, color combinations, page content, animations, images, etc. deliver what you need and what reflects your image. Our goal is to ensure we build a solid code foundation for the future of your website.

website design development


We are committed to the future success of your website. We check, regularly, to ensure everything runs as it should for the security and integrity of your site. The website is tested on all popular browsers for user experience. Our regular audits, back-ups, server load and traffic monitoring helps you stay on top as you grow you business. 

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Website Design Services

Years of Experience

Our certified professional developers have been delivering advanced websites for more than 10 years and have created a reputation of trust with our clients.

Excellent Support

Our job does not end when we finish the design and development of your website. We provide maintenance and support services to ensure that your site is serving your customers well every single time.

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It depends on the complexity and features of the website. Informational websites generally take 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Ecommerce capable and user account websites generally take longer due to more parts and features working as one.

The best website design projects points to good communication. We generally use weekly meetings during the design and development phase to share ideas and milestones. Conrai Media leads the process and ensures the project stays on time.

Our team consist of professionals and always look for new ways that will help you stand out from competition. We have tried and tested methods to improve user experience and website speed for our clients from all industries and sectors. We focus on award winning results and long term growth in mind.

Yes we do! All sites we build are responsive and designed to look new. It works well on any device (smartphones, tablets and desktop computers).

Yes you can! We want your comments before your site is finalized and operational.

Branding is an important foundation on which businesses are built. A big chunk of older companies are realizing that they need to completely rebrand themselves since their traditional marketing materials does not have as much effect on the evolving digital world. We take the old style and transform it into something that resonates with modern trends. We are experts in transforming older brands to present day situation. Alternatively, Conrai Media would love to help you create completely new branding strategies that will impress your customers. The power of branding is undeniable in the digital age. An average group of people can easily identify the branding of some of the largest corporations in the world. If you are striving to achieve national to international brands, we at Conrai Media Solutions can help.

We can! In most cases we improve both our client's website speed and performance. In some rare cases where you need specific metrics for your site, some speed may need to be sacrificed, but we always do what is best to help on your website to generate more sales. Page speed can be complicated and the best page speed is achieved from a blank page with a very fast hosting service. Obviously, a blank page does not result in building a brand and customers buying your product. There is a careful balance of adding features, elements and images to a page to attract potential customers. Discovering that balance is important in conversion and designing a good business website.

We will collaborate with your team to build the basic site structure. Afterwards, we work with you to organize all of the content based on the sitemap. If you need help with content writing or editing the content for each page, we can help with that too.

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